Trent University Collective Agreement

An interim agreement has been reached between Trent University and hundreds of its part-time professors in Peterborough. According to the union, the union represents 537 part-time instructors, who are contract workers in positions ranging from teachers and laboratory assistants to markers, academic advisors and workshop facilitators. The university said earlier this month that the space represents 312 teachers. Thank you all for their support – thanks to your commitment, the Unit 1 team has tentatively agreed with @TrentUniversity! Sunday`s rally was cancelled. This agreement would not have been possible without you. #no3908noTrent Trent University confirmed the provisional agreement on a new collective agreement with the assistance of Ombudsman Gerry Lee. The negotiation teams at Tribe University and @cupe3908 Unit 1 reached an interim agreement on a new collective agreement. Details of the interim agreement will be made public after ratification by both parties. #trentu contract teachers are recruited to teach per course. They are effectively made redundant every four months and have to reapply for their positions, no matter how long they have worked at university.

The union insists that its members be more stable. In a tweet on Friday morning, the Canadian Union of Public Employees Local 3908 (Unit 1) said a new interim agreement had been reached early Friday and a Sunday rally had been cancelled. CUPE 3908 Unit 1 represents approximately 400 university staff in Trent, including course directors, clinical instructors, markers, tutorial directors, workshop directors, university advisors, academic advisors and laboratory demonstrators. About one-third of Trent`s courses are taught by CUPE members. Many teach several courses each year, and a significant number have been teaching at the university for a decade or more. They have little job security or access to services. The terms of the interim agreement were not made public, but job security was the focus of concern, as the union stated that part-time instructors were laid off every four months and had to reapply for their positions. The university explained that contracts can last up to three years. Part-time academics at Trent University, members of CUPE 3908 Unit 1, voted overwhelmingly to give their negotiating committee a strong mandate to take whatever steps they deem necessary to reach a fair agreement. This mandate includes strike action if the Committee deems it necessary. The vote took place online from January 17 to 24. Tufa and the university administration have accepted other letters (LoU), Memoranden (MoA, MoU) or Settlement Protocols (MoS) that contain common interpretations of certain sections of the collective agreement or that reflect agreements on related issues that are not explicitly considered by the parties in the negotiations.

Such documents are our overall agreement with the employer. Individual transaction agreements are not published on the site. „Both teams agreed to recommend the interim regime to their respective parties,“ the university said Friday morning. „CUPE Local 3908 Unit 1, with its members, is expected to set a date for ratification of the agreement. The regime is also subject to ratification by the university`s board of governors. Details of the interim agreement will be made public after ratification by both parties. „Thank you all for your support, planned participation, social media presence and direct contact with the employer,“ the union said.